There are many things to do in Sioux Falls, South Dakota recreationally during any season. Spring, Summer, Fall or Winter, the Sioux Empire, the area around Sioux Falls, offers many exciting and fun activities for all ages. Sioux Falls recreation is not just limited to the outdoors either, as there are many indoor recreational facilities that offer a variety of exercise options, or just plain fun and games!/p>

When the snows of winter melt away and the warmth of spring causes the buds to pop on the local trees, Sioux Falls comes alive with many things to do in the spring. The early signs are the local residents shedding the outer garments of winter for the light weight clothing they prefer for doing recreational activities outdoors. Spring heats up into summer and the recreational offerings heats up too.

Soon, summer slowly gives way to the cooler nights and bright colors of fall. This time of the year the recreational enthusiasts of the Sioux Falls area start to bundle up for brisk walks in the chilly air, college and high school football games, and other fall activities.

When winter returns, ice skating at the many rinks and area lakes, or downhill skiing and tubing are some of the many outdoor recreation options for you. Indoor basketball, volleyball and other offerings are available for those who want to extend their seasons.

From serious health and fitness activities to just plain fun, Sioux Falls has a lot of what you may be looking for. From bicycling to snow skiing to walking the dog, the Sioux Falls area has clean, safe and rewarding recreational offerings for you.


Sioux Falls baseball is a pastime that has been enjoyed by many of all ages throughout the years. Whether it is T-ball, Little League, Legion ball, high school baseball, college baseball or professional baseball, there is a loyalty and intense fan base in Sioux Falls and the Sioux Empire. Structured leagues and outstanding coaches at the T-ball and Little League levels lead to positive early development of baseball skill by the area youth. They learn the basics, and built those skills to add to their own physical growth. Soon they will be ready for advanced leagues which will challenge them later on. Sioux Falls is also home to the Sioux Falls Canaries, a minor league development team. The team has had former Major League stars on the roster such as Leon Durham, Pedro Guerrero, Edgar Clemente and others. They also develop young talent to try to groom them to make the big show.


Playing Basketball is a popular sport for many boys and girls in Sioux Falls, as well as the adults. Sioux Falls is home to many indoor and outdoor basketball courts, and most of the time they are seeing some action by area basketball players. The level of play ranges all the way from grade school basketball to middle school basketball, high school basketball, college basketball and finally professional basketball. The National Basketball Association (NBA) has a presence in Sioux Falls as it is the home of the Sioux Falls Skyforce, the Development League franchise whose player rights are used by the Minnesota Timberwolves and Detroit Pistons. Many recreational basketball leagues are also found around the Sioux Falls area, from winter leagues indoor at the YMCA to outdoor summer basketball leagues. Sioux Falls basketball players have many different options to play here, and as Sioux Falls continues to grow so does the popularity of playing basketball in Sioux Falls.


Bicycling in Sioux Falls is a very popular activity. An outstanding bike trail system, numerous back roads and many available country roads make for an ideal area for biking in Sioux Falls. Whether you are into mountain biking, off road biking, or just out with the family enjoying the weather, there are many biking venues in Sioux Falls available.

The mild temperatures found in Sioux Falls in spring and fall, along with the hot weather in summer, make bike riding in Sioux Falls nearly a year round event. For those "X" bikers, there are parks in the area set up for acrobatic bicycle riding. Also, there are annual bicycle trips around the area hosted by different organizations. Some are charity events raising money for local Sioux Falls charity organizations. So whether you are a serious bike rider or just the casual type, there are biking events and many places to bike ride in Sioux Falls.


Camping in Sioux Falls is available at many of the area campgrounds and state parks. Camping in the old days meant just tents; today camping means tents, tow-behind trailers, 5th wheelers, and RV's. When camping in Sioux Falls, there are many options no matter what you use for camping, including lakeside, woods and wide-open prairies.

Many people like camping in Sioux Falls around the big three summer holidays-Memorial Weekend, the Fourth of July, and Labor Day Weekend. During these holidays, there are a lot of visitors to the campgrounds in Sioux Falls, with many events happening too. There are many things to do while camping in the Sioux Empire, including fishing, biking, boating and of course relaxing! Come to Sioux Falls and you will see why so many people enjoy camping in Sioux Falls!

Falls Park


Playing Frisbee in Sioux Falls is a favorite past time for old and young alike. You can find people in Sioux Falls playing frisbee in their yards, at the local park, at area concerts, or at local frisbee golf courses. Sometimes the frisbee is referred to as a disc, or disc golf, but the concept and result is the same-FUN!

Wham-O produced the first plastic Frisbee in 1957. In 1967, high school students in Maplewood, New Jersey, invented Ultimate Frisbee, a recognized sport that is a cross between football, soccer and basketball. Ten years later, a form of Frisbee golf was introduced, complete with professional playing courses and associations.

Frisbee in Sioux Falls is enjoyed by all ages, and by the athletic and those who are not quite as agile. Being a mostly non-contact sport, those playing Frisbee in Sioux Falls can enjoying playing the sport without having to endure a grueling exercise regimen.


Sioux Falls is located in the Midwest of the United States. The Midwest is known for some of its great fishing opportunities found in the US. Local lakes, ponds and rivers offer abundant populations of popular gamefish such as walleye, northern pike, perch, smallmouth and largemouth bass, panfish and other species.

The fishing in Sioux Falls is affordable to do, easy to access and can be enjoyable for all ages. When looking for Sioux Falls fishing opportunities, one only needs to visit local bait shops to gather the information they are searching for. Also, there are many websites that offer free fishing reports loaded with information on the local Sioux Falls fishing hotspots and current reports.

Whether fishing from a boat or the shore or a dock, anglers will enjoy a rewarding day of fishing in Sioux Falls. Come visit the Sioux Empire, explore the many different fishing opportunities in Sioux Falls, and see why so many of the local residents love to fish here.


Playing golf in Sioux Falls is a growing and thriving sport in the Sioux Empire. With the tremondous amount of growth in Sioux Falls' population, also comes the demand for quality golf courses. And Sioux Falls and the surrounding area has many golf options available.

When golfing in Sioux Falls, you will have the option of selecting from nine-hole or eighteen-hole courses, links style or municipal tracts, and semi-private to fully private clubs. Most offer driving ranges and/or putting greens, some have full service restaurants and bars, and some even offer banquet halls.

Sioux Falls golfing opportunities are abundant for golfers of all age and skill. You will be challenged by the layouts and impressed with the design and features of all of Sioux Falls' golf courses. Come to Sioux Falls and make your tee time today!


Hunting in Sioux Falls is a recreational activity that has a long and storied history. South Dakota is known as the pheasant capitol of the world, with bird populations in the tens of millions. Other popular hunting options in Sioux Falls and the surrounding areas include white-tail deer, mule deer, waterfowl, antelope and other species.

Sioux Falls hunting enthusiasts also have many options for gearing up for their hunting season, including Scheels, Cabela's, Nyberg's Ace Hardware among others. Hunters in the Sioux Empire are lucky to have so many hunting and gear options at their disposal.

When hunting in Sioux Falls, it is best to plan ahead and be ready for anything. Weather in South Dakota is famous during hunting seasons for going to extremes within a day. Sioux Falls hunters are able to help you with many questions too. You can find a lot of information on pheasant hunting in South Dakota at Ultimate Pheasant Hunting.

Ice Fishing

In the upper midwest, ice fishing is a popular winter outdoor recreational activity. Local lakes, ponds and rivers offer abundant populations of popular gamefish such as walleye, northern pike, perch, smallmouth and largemouth bass, panfish and other species. Ice fishing in Sioux Falls is a unique activity that should be experienced by most anglers.

The ice fishing found in and around Sioux Falls can be enjoyable for all ages, as long as you are properly prepared. As it is winter, the conditions can change within hours, so make sure you have the right gear and clothing. When looking for Sioux Falls ice fishing opportunities, one only needs to visit local bait shops to gather the information they are searching for. Also, there are many websites that offer free ice fishing reports loaded with information on the local Sioux Falls ice fishing hotspots and current reports.

Anglers will enjoy a rewarding day of ice fishing in Sioux Falls if they come prepared and well equipped. Come visit the Sioux Empire, explore the many different ice fishing opportunities in Sioux Falls, and see why so many of the local residents love to ice fish here.


Motorcycle riding in Sioux Falls is a favorite pastime for many in the Sioux Empire. Sioux Falls has very nice weather most of the year, thus lending to the popularity of riding motorcycles in Sioux Falls almost every chance one gets.

You will many different opportunities for riding your motorcycle in, around, or through Sioux Falls. On warm spring days, you will see bikers young and old alike, out cruising around the streets of Sioux Falls. Some bikers will even plan short-range trips to visit the many state parks, lakes and tourist attractions that are within a two-hour ride of Sioux Falls.

Motorcycle riding in Sioux Falls also includes some great group events, including poker runs, charity rides, Hot Harley Nights, RibFest, The Jazz Fest, and of course, the pilgrimage to Stugis every August. With two major interstate systems meeting in Sioux Falls (I-90 and I-29), residents and visitors alike get to witness thousands of bikes passing through on their way to Sturgis and back home. It is truly a site to behold-hundreds of bikes, all shapes, sizes and colors, gliding down the interstate together in a trek to the rally.

When you come to Sioux Falls on your motorcycle, you will see why so many people enjoy riding their motorcycle in Sioux Falls and the Sioux Empire. You will meet some great people, see some memorable sites, and definitely be coming back again!


Running in Sioux Falls is a popular and healthy sport. Sioux Falls is setup with miles of running trails, friendly neighborhood parks, quite neighborhoods, and area tracks for all types of runners. When running in Sioux Falls, one can expect scenery, quiet, and quality time.

Runners in Sioux Falls have found the ability to gain early morning exercise time, or end of day quality time to wind down for the day. There are local running clubs, and many charity events that benefit the needy or ill. However, no matter what, there is always somewhere to go running in Sioux Falls that will meet your needs.

Snow Skiiing

Sioux Falls is a relatively flat area located in the heart of the Great Plains of the United States. However, there is downhill skiing opportunities in Sioux Falls. Great Bear Recreation Area is a an area just outside of the city that offers some good downhill skiing in Sioux Falls. Great Bear is also set up for snow tubing and snow boarding for the winter enthusiast who enjoys the extreme side of downhill sports. But the majority of the downhill skiers in Sioux Falls find that the park meets their downhill snow skiing needs. West of Sioux Falls, about a 5-6 hour drive lie the Black Hills of South Dakota. Here skiers of all levels will find many options including Deer Mountain and Terry Peak. 3 hours east of Sioux Falls, skiers will find Mount Kato in Mankato MN.


Sioux Falls softball is a growing and entertaining sport for all ages. There are many leagues and different options for playing softball in Sioux Falls. Boys and girls, young and old and fast or slow pitch are some of the softball options.

Sioux Falls has many viable softball fields and sporting complexes that have softball diamonds. Leagues are going strong every weeknight, and on the weekends you will find many local, regional and sometimes national softball tournaments taking place.

Many softball teams from the Sioux Falls area have won regional and national softball titles. The quality and level of play rivals many large markets. Watch one of these softball games in Sioux Falls and you will see why playing softball in Sioux Falls is so competitive and fun.


Swimming in Sioux Falls is a year-round recreational activity. During the warm times, there are many of lakes and pools available to go swimming in, and when it is cold, there are indoor heated pools at the local gyms and health clubs to use. There are also many places that offer swimming lessons for the younger kids or those who have not learned to swim yet.

The many lakes around the Sioux Empire offer many clean beaches and clear water to swim in. When swimming in Sioux Falls at the local parks, there are pools of all types for you to choose from, including wading pools, wave pools, water parks, high dives, and Olympic size. Your Sioux Falls swimming options are many, so you should have no problem finding a place to swim while here.


Playing volleyball in Sioux Falls is a growing favorite recreational past time by many of the residents here. Both indoor and outdoor volleyball leagues have taken root at many recreation centers and bars alike.

There are many options for playing volleyball in Sioux Falls, from competitive leagues to weekend fun with friends at the local park. Sand courts, grass courts, concrete courts and indoor wood courts are among the many options for playing volleyball in Sioux Falls.

All you really need is a ball and your friends, and in no time you will be enjoying volleyball in Sioux Falls.

Water Skiing

There are plenty of options for water skiing in Sioux Falls and the surrounding Sioux Empire. There are many lakes in and around the immediate Sioux Falls area, along with many other water skiing destinations within a 2 hour drive.

Other water skiing activities include watching the Sioux Falls Water Ski club that practices and performs at their custom-made water ski pond called Catfish Bay. Catfish Bay offers lakeside bleacher seating, concessions and restrooms for the many water skiing enthusiasts who enjoy watching these professional water skiers put on their great shows.

Other local options for water skiing in Sioux Falls and the immediate area include Lake Okoboji, Lake Madison, Lake Vermillion, the Missouri River, and many other bodies of water. Bring your water ski's and water skiing gear and enjoy your Sioux Falls water skiing fun!

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